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Megan E. Glor, Attorneys at Law, is a premier law firm in the Northwest advocating for the rights of the disabled, the sick, the eldery and their families. Megan Glor is nationally recognized by her peers for her exceptional knowledge and expertise with ERISAmatters.

Your case is important to us. We approach every case uniquely, developing a customized legal strategy that best suits your facts and needs. Our ERISA lawyers have helped hundreds of people get disability and medical benefits when their insurance company denied them. We take the burden off of you so that you are free to focus on your illness, recovery, other employment, and retirement.

We often fight against the same insurance carriers, and are familiar with the wrongful tactics they employ. You can benefit from our expertise and past victories in this area by contacting us about your claim. We commit to providing the very best legal representation and are frequently complimented for our trusted advice, our results, our responsiveness, our integrity and our affordable rates.

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